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                                            Seaport-e Quality

                                            Quality oversight begins with planning and permeates everything we do. Kilda Group's quality assurance approach addresses quality, process control, and process improvement for services, work products, and reports. Kilda Group's quality process emphasizes:

                                            • Early detection and resolution of problems, issues, and risks
                                            • Adherence to established performance processes and standards
                                            • Achievement of a defined level of work product and service quality
                                            • Continuous process improvement and implementation of lessons learned

                                            ProjectView 360® Quality Assurance

                                            ProjectView 360 Quality Assurance

                                            Kilda Group ensures our Seaport-e task order teams are well versed in Kilda Group's quality program. Our quality program includes formal product reviews, peer reviews, walk-throughs, and inspections. Our plan provides a tailored set of processes (see Table below), which ensure that:

                                            • The work is performed on schedule and within budget
                                            • Requirements have been considered and appropriately addressed
                                            • Technical issues have been considered and appropriately addressed
                                            • Appropriate levels of reviews are conducted to ensure requirements have been met
                                            • Work products and services meet client standards and requirements

                                            Quality Assurance Activities

                                            Review Activity Performed By Rationale Benefit
                                            Programmatic tracking Project Manager Is the project/service on schedule and within budget? Provides customer insight into project scope, budget, and schedule status.
                                            Technical oversight Subject Matter Expert Have all the required issues been considered and appropriately addressed? Provides customer technical insight to ensure technical issues have been identified and resolved.
                                            Peer review Team Members Have all of the technical issues been appropriately addressed? Ensures work product meets customer needs through detailed technical interchange between SMEs.
                                            Technical edit Independent Editor Have all the editorial issues (format, grammar, spelling, and cogency) been addressed? Ensures that the work products are communicated unambiguously to the target audience and that the work product conforms to accepted Client standards.
                                            Test and evaluation Team Members Is the work product/service congruent with the requirements and design specifications? Uses plans to test work product against requirements.
                                            Verification and validation Team Members Is the work product/service consistent with the specifications and requirements? Ensures that product conforms to specifications predecessor product (verification) and requirements (validation).
                                            Quality review Project Manager, Subject Matter Expert Does the work product satisfy the requirements; does it conform to Client standards? Ensures the work product is complete and satisfies the customer's standards and user requirements.







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